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" We create innovative products and digital tools
to help you reach your fitness goals faster. We believe that technology and product design can be aligned to
help you become a better athlete. "


I started practicing functional fitness in 2015 when almost no one in Spain knew about the sport. One of the exercises I had to learn was double unders, but I suffered low-quality jump ropes, always tangled, and even injured myself in the hand as one of the Box's plastic jump ropes handles was partially broken.  Of course, I blamed the poorly crafted Jump ropes for my unsuccessful career with double unders.

From that moment and being an engineer myself I decided it was time to redesign the whole jump rope concept and create the best jump rope the world had ever seen.That was a few years ago and now I can not only say I am a master jump roper but I am happy the Velites team succeeded with the Earth 2.0 Jump Rope and the training app on this goal.Now, more products need from our help to reach millions of athletes around the globe. 

Matias Hernandez Van Waes CEO Velites


When you get one of our products that states the first step of a long lasting relationship focussed on advancing together towards your fitness goals.

Design, Functionality and Quality is our design mantra to accomplish this.


Velites is much more than quality fitness equipment and amazing apps.

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